Midlands Cleaners of Coventry west midlands specialize in cladding cleaning on domestic houses, commercial properties and industrial units and restoring old and dirty cladding panels to as new condition but at a fraction of the costs! When neglected external cladding becomes covered in dirt and grime which leaves your building looking unpleasant and can often impede the look of your business, this is were midlands cleaners team of experienced and qualified cladding cleaners can help.

Our cladding cleaning service does not only enhance the look of your property it also increases the life span of your cladding panels and is much more cost effective and gets just as good and last just as long when compared with alternative cladding restoration solutions like re-coating, re-painting cladding panels.

With 10 years experience in the cleaning industry we are able to take on all cladding cleaning projects regardless of the size or height of the property within Coventry Warwickshire and the west midlands we also offer a national cladding cleaning service for larger cladding cleaning.

There are 2 ways midlands cleaners can clean your external cladding ….


The low pressure cladding cleaning system that we use is the ThermopureTM Reach and wash system, which utilizes purified hot water accompanied with our bio-degradable cladding cleaning chemicals our experienced operatives can clean from the safety of the ground up to 70 feet in the air.


High pressure cladding cleaning is completed by the use of our industrial powered pressure washers typically used in conjunction with mobile elevated work platforms to enable us to carry out work at the required height, our pressure washes have adjustable pressure settings for fragile surfaces.

Both our high and low pressure cladding cleaning services will leave your buildings fascades with amazing results, we are able to clean the majority of cladding panels from the safety of the ground without the need for any expensive or hazardous access equipment.

Call our freephone number: 0800 023 53 82 or enquire online to discuss your cladding cleaning requirements.

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