Roof cleaning project we recently completed for a facilities management company in Coventry.

The building was at the end of a tenancy and the client wanted aesthetically improve the property to enhance the chances of re letting in a competitive area of Coventry, We was approached to complete this project which was to clean approximately 1100 meter squared of roofing tiles and then remove all debris from guttering.

The Roof was cleaned using our Honda industrial pressure washer, Our Jet washers are ideal for this type of works as they allow us to have full control over the pressure used and when set correctly its powerful enough to remove the toughest stains but also make sure we never damage your roof or tiles.

A secured ladder with a stand off and stabilizer system was used for access and egress to the roof and we used a roofing ladder with rope and harness attached to a man safe system to allow us to clean safely and efficiently whilst on the roof, This also reduced the overall cost of the project as there was no need to hire expensive access equipment.